Terminix Mobile App

Back in 2018, Terminix started an innovation project to create a better gateway to increase sales and customer communication and satisfaction. This project would enhance the sales process and customer satisfaction, so I led a team of 5, including 2 UX researchers and 3 UX/UI designers including myself, to develop a mobile application that combined both sales and customer convenience.
UX/UI Designer

User Research, Interaction, Visual Design, Prototyping and Testing


I joined Terminix in 2017 initially apart of the business development team building a better experience for the sales team. Being apart of that team led to an opportunity to innovate new ways, and one of those ways sprung forth the Terminix App project.

My role on this project

Along with the design framework, I conducted research interviews with each operational area of the company to gain an understanding of feedback both internally and from technicians and sales team in the field. My research also included getting my hands dirty in the field by riding along with technicians and being there in-person on customer appointments, including termite, pest control, and initial sales calls. By doing this, I was able to hear concerns and suggestions from our team, long-term and first-time customers.

Our goal was to combine customer needs with design and modern functionality.

Before our new system was designed by our team, it was difficult for customers to call in and expect them to wait on hold for minutes just to make simple requests such as, pay a bill, or set pest control appointments. One of our goals was to have a platform that allowed both existing and new customers to access their accounts, make payments, set their own pest control appointments, and communicate exactly what was going on inside their home. On the backend, this would give us the necessary resources we need to prepare our service professionals to better protect the homes of the customers. The more information we had from a customer, the better we knew how to serve and customize a plan, whether it be termite, pest control and/or any other issues they had we could service.

Terminix App Project


Below you will see the steps my team and I took to create a better way for customers to communicate with the company in a more efficient capacity. From start to finish you’ll through well a thought out process and a team effort on how we accomplished our project milestones.

The Process

Our process at Terminix is based on the Double Diamond Theory and the Lean UX process. We aim to incorporate the key phases of Discovering the Problem, Defining Strategy, Ideation with Design Solutions and of course, Implementation through testing and development in each of our projects, especially this one.

insight meeting

As part of the research process, we invited our top technicians and sales professionals from major regions in the company to understand, internally, what the sales process was like from start to finish. We were able to gather insights that will improve every touchpoint from the customer, and for those working in the field to create an app that is beneficial to the customer, and how we can make their jobs as the frontline workers, easier by having them better prepared to protect the customers’ homes.

Customer Interviews

From customer interviews and surveys, we were able to form a list of the major improvement requests and suggestions from a customer perspective. With that list we were able to define a strategy and start the design process.

Page mapping

This is my rough draft of version of what pages needed to constructed and addressed. As you scroll down further you will see how I was able to implement these into low fidelity mockups below.

Low-Fi Prototype

Low-Fidelity Design and Functions for prototyping the layout

Here is where I created a low fidelity mockup of the pages from our notes above. I was able to prioritize the page layout for a more efficient workflow and I mapped them in order of priority and click journey.

Hi-Fi Design

High-Fidelity Design and Wireframes combined together

Transitioning from the low-fidelity designs I was able to include our design kit and company colors to compliment our other marketing materials. During this design, we kept the executive team informed through multiple meetings making sure we kept the company’s vision and motto in mind. We also made a space for our other affiliate companies as well, creating multiple lines of businesses.

Enjoy the best design and functions combined together.

If you enjoyed what you seen so far let’s chat or schedule an interview. I can’t wait!