CGS Administrators, LLC

CGS Administrators, LLC

UX/UI Designer

2019 – 2022

I started working for CGS back in 2019. Being a subsidiary of BlueCross Blueshield of SC, I was able to be apart of a fortune 500 company with a focus on enhancing the User Experience across all lines of businesses. I have a hand in managing and maintaining 3 websites and 1 mobile for CGS while collecting data and analytics through the Qualtrics platform. I also manage our email marketing along with our various social media accounts including LinkedIn and Facebook through the use of Constant Contact.

This website mainly used for general information about CGS, what we do, and how we serve the Medicare community. We provide information on Provider, Member, and Functional Services and share information that can be valuable when choosing to enroll with a Medicare Contractor. 

This website is specifically for Medicare providers that houses all resources from CMS and assists the provider to understand their parameter in their respective jurisdictions. They can use tools and self service options to obtain information whether it be a news article or updates from the government. Users can also register for educational events as we

mycgs provider portal

The myCGS is a web portal used by healthcare professionals such as, medical billers/coders, office managers, doctors and hospitals to process Medicare claims and any other electronic filing needed by CMS.

cgs medicare mobile app

The CGS Medicare application was created back in 2020. It is a condensed version of but provides self-service tools at the Provider’s fingertips. We house our ‘most used’ tools and publications to make them more accessible and function on a mobile device.

myCGS Homepage Redesign

The myCGS web portal is used by healthcare professionals such as medical billers, doctors, hospitals, and health clinics to process claims for beneficiaries using Medicare services in OH and KY. Our analytics show we have 40,000 logins a month so this portal is an essential part of the business. The goal of this project was to make this landing page more modern while maintaining the key points and features for the users to access. 

OLD Version


Before I started, for years since 2007, this has been the landing page for our providers to sign into our provider portal separate from the company website, known as myCGS. The purpose is to have a gateway for both new and current health providers to access and process their Medicare claims and other resources provided by CMS. This page is essential and needed to be upgraded, updated, and an overall better experience for all of our user types.


This design belongs in the early 2000s. One challenge was to update to a more modern design while keeping what’s important to Providers.

hard to read

The overall layout was just bunched together including the logo and the heading. We received constant negative feedback about our login page from users both old and new as well, making it difficult for them to find what they needed.

lack of Functionality

The click journey led to duplicate links that led users to the same information. In such a complex industry, the page lacked important information and resources users could use to find help or get redirected to the right Jurisdictions. Since we have two separate Medicare contracts with both portals named myCGS, some providers were logging into the wrong portal, DME vs J15.

The Process

Severity Framework
Task Criticality x Impact x Frequency = Severity (1 = Low, 5 = Critical)
Task Criticality – How important is the task to the user?
Impact – How much of an impact does this task have the user?
Frequency – How many times does this come up out of the total participants?

I used a data driven approach we call the “Severity Framework” to inform my process and list usability issues in order of priority. I also added a to-do list listing all the enhancements I needed to make for the new design. After prioritizing the data, I then drew a rough draft of how the new page would be laid out. This included the main focal points to visualize where certain topics needed to be placed. I was able to finalize a more modern design that enhanced the look and feel of the landing page. I added all key components that all users both new and long time providers. I was able to adhere to our branding styles while including all links and resources from the ‘old’ webpage while including improving affiliate logos.

Project 2:
myProviders Tab Addition

The myCGS web portal have Providers and Administrators who manage multiple accounts when it comes to processing their Medicare claims. Due to CMS security guidelines this calls for them to have a different User ID and password for each account. This became difficult for hospitals’ billing departments, because it meant different login IDs/passwords for their 50 plus doctors to keep up with on a daily basis. So we created a process that allowed them to link their multiple accounts now by using a single sign on while having a tab where they can view all the Providers they process Medicare claims for. The worst part is they would have to change their password every 30 days. For example, imagine managing billing for 10 doctors offices and having to sign in separately 10 different times using 10 different passwords and login IDs, its definitely a pain.

User Personas

Travis P., Allmed Financial

7 yrs. working Medicare Billing

“I work for a clearinghouse and I have to manage 32 doctors offices. It is a pain EVERY month to have to sit down and spend half my day updating passwords one by one. It is way too time consuming. Please find a better way.”


Travis is an experienced Medical Biller. He is responsible for processing claims for 32 different health facilities. A big part of his business is time management and feels held back when it’s time to re-certify his multiple User IDs.

Pain Points
  • Finds it too time consuming to 
  • Stops his productivity that could be a bad reflection on his work status.
  • Has to remember and be familiar with 32 different passwords every 30 days

Jessica D.,  Cleveland Clinic

6 months working with Medicare Billing

“I am new to Medicare and I am looking for a way to link both of our businesses to the web portal to avoid having different usernames and passwords.”


Jessica has a license in Medical Billing and Coding. Her company just enrolled as a new Medicare Provider. She is new to the system and has multiple user IDs to manage and process claims for. 

Pain Points
  • New to Medicare
  • Unsure of how to use the system
  • Sometimes get claims mixed up between her separate accounts

User & Process Flows

New Portal Registration

Before adding a new tab I needed to map out a new registration process for new users. This allowed the users to register in accordance to additional information and options needed if the user managed multiple accounts with a single ID and password. 

Adding Additional Accounts

Here is where we mapped out the click journey/user flows for both new/current users added Providers to their accounts. We listed each touchpoint that led to gateways that allowed the user and their Administrator to confirm/verify account details and permissions to operate.

Account Linking

Account Linking for Single Sign-On Process

This was a two-step project, so in addition to creating the myProviders subtab a separate process was needed to allow current users to link all of their multiple accounts integrated to operate under one User ID and Password. The goal of this process was to eliminate the headache of having to keep up with several different ID’s and Passwwords that needed to be updated every 30 days. This made it very difficult for our Providers who managed sometimes 100 accounts.

Lo-Fi Design

Based on my drawing above, I was able to create another tab for users to link accounts. Understanding this a new process for users, this page provided guidelines on how to link their current IDs into to one Super Admin ID. These guidelines were driven by CMS’ privacy policy. All they needed was the User ID and Password to get approved by their office Administrator.

Hi-Fi Design

After reviewing with our POE (Provider Outreach & Education) team, we realized we needed to add additional functions. We displayed two boxes for ‘Pending’ and ‘Completed Requests.’ Also, to eliminate the amount of clicks, we decided to add a table showing their ‘Active’ providers so they won’t have to toggle from tab to tab.

myProviders Subtab Design

Lo-Fi Mockup – myProvider Page

A ‘Sprint Review’ is where we discuss project details, scope of work, and vision casting. Once I gathered enough data, I began to brainstorm and map out the structure of the design for the new myProviders tab and it would function. I also had to create a pop-up where users entered important information, after clicking the ‘Add a Provider’ button, to register a new provider under their User ID. I did a rough draft prototype 

Low-Fi Design

Here is the low fidelity design showing the added ‘myProviders’ tab to this existing page, with minimum functionality, while creating a simple table housing specific details. These details included, ‘Add a Provider’ and a ‘Action Wheel’ with a display of information specific to their billing account they plan to manage. 

Full Page Details

Here, I am basically displaying the full array of functions connected to this process. The dropdown menu is displayed when an ‘Action Wheel’ is selected and it operates functions for that specific row.

Hi-Fidelity Designs for myProviders Tab

Final Design

After multiple team reviews, we added a space that displayed the current ‘Status’ of that particular Provider. We trimmed the menu to four main tabs while highlighting the current tab the user was operating under. 

Provider Registration Pop-up

Once the ‘Add a Provider’ button is clicked, a section pops up where the user has to enter the information related to the Provider they are requesting access to. Once submitted, the information emailed to their Office Administrator for approval. Every account is different, so here they can select the permissions they need to successfully manage the account they are requesting. 

Final Full Page Details

After the user enters and submits the information for the Provider Request, the table will appear displaying the ‘Pending’ status until the Office Administrator approves the request.

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