CGS Administrators, LLC

Lead UX/UI Designer

CGS Administrators is a Medicare contractor that provides services to Medicare providers such as, hospitals, medical clinics, medical suppliers, and home health & hospice providers in a specific jurisdiction provided by CMS.

I assisted in managing and designing each of the companies websites, mobile app, and provider web portal, as well as develop self-service tools for users. My main focus is to find solutions that enhances the user's experience at each touchpoint and create better pathways to access updated news from CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).


UX/UI Designer 
Terminix provides innovative technology to develop pest control products for residential and commercial residents, as well as for the government. 

I was apart of the innovation team and led a project to design and develop a prototype for a mobile application for the Pest Control department. This application would enhance and improve the sales process, and minimize customer-call center interaction, as well as increase customer satisfaction and convenience through technology.

iCIMS + SkillSurvey

Senior Lead UX/UI Designer

iCIMS  is a Talent Cloud company that empowers organizations to attract, engage, hire, and advance the talent that builds a winning workforce.

 is a product that automates how companies collect and analyze feedback from references, candidates, and employees to help make data-driven decisions with confidence.

I was apart of SkillSurvey's product team where I managed designs for each of the company's four products. Those products included: Reference, Source, Post-Hire, and Career Readiness. I worked alongside Product Owners and led a team of UX/UI designers that assisted in our focus to find opportunities to innovate the  overall performance, functionality, and appearance of our products.

My Graphic Design Studio

Skills? Oh yea, I got Skills....

I love and being able to share my gift with other small businesses and assist in bringing their visions to life.